Raising Aspirations Programme
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Your Challenges

  • Students with no aspirations for higher education or apprentice placements once they’ve left school
  • Pupils presenting very low confidence, self-esteem and very closed mindset
  • Pupils that are going to achieve adequate Year 11 results but have no interest to then go on to the next step in their education
  • Low engagement as a learner in school as a result of that lack of aspiration
  • Low level poor behaviour
  • Poor attendance as a result of their lack of motivation
  • Poor engagement with wider aspects of the school, clubs, additional learning groups, etc.

Benefits We Bring

  • Pupils inspired, re-engaged, motivated to learn, willing to talk about their futures
  • Pupils feeling more positive about the future, knowing possible pathways linked to their interests
  • Wanting to take part in the wider life of the school
  • Realising they can do things as a result of a boost of confidence instilled in them
  • Pupils being able to articulate the understanding the barriers they face, how risk-taking behaviours they, or their peers, engage in, could impact on their aspirations and how they can be influenced in and out of school
  • Pupils understanding starting pay grades, what travel plans are available to them and where they are likely to study, once they leave school
  • Pupils wanting to then do well in specific lessons as a result of it linking to their aspirational next step
  • Pupils starting to talk to their peers, parents and teachers more about their future career pathways

Training – What You Get

Andy Lewis Degree

This, 10 session bespoke training programme, consists of the following essential elements:

  • 1 pre-programme session facilitated by the school
  • 1 post-programme assessment session and 9 subsequent mentoring/coaching sessions delivered by your designated leaders
  • An accompanying student workbook


The students will be deemed as being successful in their programme if they:

  • Attend every session
  • Contribute to the sessions with a positive mindset
  • Complete their journal – which will be submitted at the end of the programme as evidence of learning and engagement
  • Deliver an end presentation at an institute of higher education
  • Answer questions from the panel with increased knowledge and a clear understanding of how they want higher education to be part of their next steps towards their future aspirations.
Ofsted Banner

Our Raising Aspirations Programme will set your school up to present statistical and anecdotal evidence against the updated Ofsted Common Inspection Framework 2019.

The programme:

  • Supports your school to achieve ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted judgements.
  • Helps to prepare pupils for future success in education, employment or training.
  • Uses the Gatsby Benchmarks to offer a unique and inspirational experience that engages some of the least motivated students to improve careers aspirations.
  • Works alongside work experience provision set up by the school.

Case Study

The Dean Academy

The Dean Academy

Intervention used as evidence towards their Healthy Schools Status in Gloucestershire – 2019

To create a more positive outlook for the future of a group of targeted students in Year 10 – linked to career aspirations

This case study is currently being updated. Check back soon.

Working with the GROWS network


Bespoke Mentoring Brochure

BM Brochure Cover

Our brochure contains detailed information about all of our services.