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Does your child, or a child under your care, need mental health focussed support, help with exam pressure, a plan of action to achieve their aspirations or support into work and through their next stage of transition?

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Are you struggling to cope with life, do you need someone to help move you forward, are you looking to progress in your chosen career and need specific guidance or are you looking to change your pathway?

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Do you have children, or adults, who are currently experiencing troubled times. Are you seeing behaviour outcomes you wish to have an impact on? Do you need a service who work with you first and foremost to understand the needs of the mentee to generate bespoke programmes and pathways?

We currently work with the following services:

Department of Work and Pensions
Gloucestershire County Council
Prospects Training
Social Services
Hospital Education Service
Alternative Provision
NHS Trust
Families First
Direct from Schools


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Our ever-growing repertoire of mentors include teachers, professionals, athletes and many more. Whatever your personal needs, or those of your business, we have somebody to match.


Andy Lewis MBE


Deborah Roberts


Chris Powell


Rachel Done


Claire Jewitt

Lucinda Griffiths

Antonia Gillet

Lisa Spink

Jo Ablett

Dale Critchley

Nick Blackburne

David Asquith

Gary Mairs – Virtual only

Eliza Ryan – Care Leaver Peer Mentor Lead

Blaine Smith

Andy Yapp

Holly Smith

Meg Walkerdine

Drew Drake

Tom Wilson


Andy Lewis MBE

I am one of the directors at Bespoke Mentoring with 4 years of mentoring, a background in elite sport,  years-experience of working in the corporate works and a huge passion for helping others. I am the current reigning Paralympic, World, European & British Triathlon champion honoured with an MBE by HRH Prince William. I am educated with a MSc in Technology, honoured with a doctorate by Bristol University in 2018. I suffer with ADHD & Dyslexia and have done since a small child but never let this stop me.

I am the father of 2 children and love to be outdoors with them whenever possible. In the photo above, I’m pictured on the podium in Rio after winning GOLD.

I love cycling and the freedom it gives me to explore, I am well travelled and visited 6 out of 7 continents, I absolutely thrive on seeing others achieve, I have helped people go from being at their lowest to achieving great things. I have lots of energy and don’t stop until the job is done.

Alongside my role as a mentor, I am experience working with large corporate firms and individuals within the business sector, I continue to mentor children in primary schools and help those with high levels of activity and low aspirations.

I currently work PT as a engagement officer in the Forest of Dean and In this role I support a number of individuals, I have a diploma in mentoring and coaching and triathlon coach.

I don’t have much free time or not that i try to have, I do love Motox and enjoy taking my son away on weekends to ride, listening to music, biking and socialising with friends and other families.

My qualifications and certifications include:

  • Lv 3 Sports Coach
  • Level 3 mentoring and coaching
  • Child Protection trained
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • And many more linked to past positions and statutory safeguarding guidance.


Deborah Roberts

Hello, I’m Deborah Roberts, everyone calls me Debs.

I live in Chepstow and grew up in the Forest of Dean, so I haven’t moved far, although I did spend two years in Australia with my mother’s family when I was 10, which was a wonderful experience. Two years ago, and after having 5 children, I decided I needed to start to develop my career, so I embarked on an Open University Degree Course – BSC Honours in Sports, Fitness and Coaching.

Finding time to study at the same time as managing the demands of the children who range from 13 -3 has certainly been a challenge that has taught me a lot about myself, especially as I left school with few qualifications.

Being fit and taking part in exercise is really important to me; I love walking, riding and encouraging my girls to enjoy being around horses as I did when I was a child.  I also enjoy listening to music, socialising with family and friends and mountain biking – when I can!

I’m currently studying at the OU, on a course covering:

  • The benefits of sport and recreation
  • Sports Science
  • Nutrition
  • Mental and Physical Wellbeing
  • Motivation
  • Community Engagement
  • How sport can benefit young people who are bullied, self-harming, suffering from depression, trauma

I have a number of training and safeguarding credentials:

  • Current DBS through Pembroke School and Monmouthshire County Council
  • Level 2 – Safeguarding Children course
  • Teaching Tag Rugby – WRU
  • Level 3 Diploma in Mentoring


Chris Powell

I am a director at Bespoke Mentoring with 17 years-experience of working in the education system and have worked at every level from student, to currently chair of governors at my children’s School. I am the father of 6 children and love to be outdoors with them whenever possible. In the photo above, I’m pictured to the left with my fellow director Andy, on my right.

I love pretty much all sports, but football I absolutely love! I am very active and spend most mornings out on my bike before anyone is out of bed at home. I have lots of energy and have the patience of a saint and find this very helpful when working with children.

Alongside my role as a mentor, I currently work as a Lead Teacher for Healthy Schools and Collages for Gloucestershire County Council. In this role I support a number of schools with individual support, curriculum development and training.

I work with people from 5 years of age upwards. I think the oldest person I have worked with has been 87. She was the nan of a student who attended a Hospital Education programme and she left with some great archery skills! I have in the past worked with some of the most vulnerable children in Gloucestershire, either through Hospital Education or other alternative provision settings.

I don’t have much free time with 6 children to entertain, but I do like playing footy, listening to music, biking and socialising with friends and other families.

My qualifications and certificates include:

  • Fully qualified teacher – Bed Hons
  • Level 3 mentoring and coaching
  • Child Protection trained
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • And many more linked to past positions and statutory safeguarding guidance.


Rachel Done

Hi my name is Rachel Done and I run `Tewkesbury Yoga for Health and Wellbeing`.

I have a lengthy history some 25yrs of working with Young People both informally as a Youth Worker and then more formally at Tewkesbury School as Head of PSHE and their Wellbeing Mentor. I am extremely interested in Health and Wellbeing on all levels Physical, Emotional/Mental and Spiritual. I get a great deal of satisfaction and personal growth from educating, supporting and motivating people to take control of their own destinies and be alert to all of the possibilities there are within themselves.

My personal interests include Yoga Practice and Philosophy, Walking, Running, Listening to Music, Reading, Socialising with Friends and Family, Health and Wellbeing, Nutrition, Listening to Podcasts.

My past projects include:

  • Head of PSHE and Wellbeing Mentor at Tewkesbury School
  • Local Youth and Community Worker Link Rd
  • Youth and Community Project for Young Runaways.
  • Checkout Supervisor Safeways
  • Fulltime Mum

My specialty areas include:

  • Delivering and Developing any topics from the PSHE Curriculum for KS 3,4 and 5 and above.
  • Supporting Young People with a variety of issues such as Trauma, Bereavement, Depression, Self-Esteem, Stress/Anxiety, Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness, Relationships, Parental Separation, Drug and Alcohol Abuse. I use a variety of resources and materials such as SUMO, CBT, NLP, Therapeutic Breathing Techniques, Meditation and Mindfulness
  • School Yoga and Wellbeing Sessions for Teachers and Pupils
  • Teaching Breath work to Manage Stress and Anxiety, Insomnia etc.
  • Work Place Yoga and Wellbeing Sessions.

I am DBS and Child Protection certified, as well as holding other qualifications:

  • Foundation Degree in Education and Learning
  • Accredited PSHE Practitioner Level 6
  • Diploma Effective Interventions into Domestic Abuse
  • Diploma NLP
  • Diploma CBT
  • Diploma Psychodynamic Counselling Skills
  • Qualified Yoga Teacher and Therapist AYS
  • Pregnancy Yoga- Ongoing
  • Trained and Volunteered with CRUSE Bereavement Care
  • Numerous Course with GHLL including Regular Lode Seeker Training for the Health Schools Review.
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Screening, extensive training around Sex Ed, STI, Contraception, LGBTQ+ Consent, Grooming and Exploitation, Sexting.
  • Self-Harm, Mental Health First Aid (full course) Winston`s Wish, etc


Claire Jewitt

I’m  a professional working mum with 3 children (triplets). I’m a warm, caring person with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I can support your child individually or in a small group with behaviour and social skills, help them to manage and cope with their emotions, build their confidence and self-esteem. I enjoy all sports especially gymnastics, football, netball and rugby.

I currently work in a high street bank and have been there for over 32 years. I love spending quality time with my family, walking the dog and
going to the gym. I enjoy watching all sports especially football, having movie & popcorn nights with my family, going out for a nice meal with my
friends & family.

  • Advanced Level 3 personal trainer, gym, fit ball and kickboxing instructor.
  • Nutritionist & Weight Specialist.
  • Level 1 Netball coach.
  • Level 3 Teaching Assistant, with an additional SEND qualification.
  • Level 3 Mentoring & Coaching Certificate.
  • Paediatric First Aid Level 3 Certificate.
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Certificate.
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness Certificate.

Lucinda Griffiths

Hi, i’m Lucinda.

I am 33, a mother of 1, a business owner and educator for the Hairdressing & Barbering industry.

After years of working in the hair industry and experiencing the fast-paced life London had to offer with the hair & fashion I came back to my roots realising people and connection is what I am passionate about. Through my work back home in Gloucestershire, I was able to focus on the importance of creating a space where people could come and feel comfortable enough to open up about anything in a judgement free zone. Mental health and wellbeing has been an area of interest throughout my life after experiencing the effects of grief at a young age and experiencing the loss of 2 close friends because of mental health. I have seen the importance of needing support networks, someone to help you find your resilience to dig deep and be open to a different way of looking at situations.

If I can be alongside another person to help them explore all the possibilities life has to offer and achieve their chosen outcomes, I will bring the gentle reminder that there is no one size fits all for life.

I love music, festivals, creativity – especially interiors and spaces, upcycling, exploring new places, being outdoors and hearing all about peoples life experiences.

Antonia Gillet

Hi i’m Antonia.

I’m 28 years old and I love trying new things!

I studied biology at university because I think animals are really interesting. I went to live in Zambia in Africa for a bit running a jewellery workshop which I loved. Now I balance mentoring with project management.

In my spare time I tan fish skins to make fish leather accessories such as wallets. I’m trying to set up my own business selling these salmon leather accessories which has been fun. I enjoy getting outdoors in nature and definitely love trying new things from dance to harp playing and scuba diving to mountain boarding.

Personal interests;
Horse riding – used to regularly ride and compete in jumping and dressage. I love horses!

Running – I’ve run several half marathons and the first marathon in Malawi which was cross country and very very hot.

Animals – I have a dog, she’s a young whippet called Minnow. I also like other animals and wildlife. My family used to keep pigs and sheep which were good fun and I once volunteered on a hyena project in Africa which was amazing.

Cooking and Baking – I always cook dinner and like trying new recipes. My favourite thing is baking cakes and sweet treats.

Fishing – I learnt to fly fish at a very young age and find it therapeutic. I also have a side business making leather from fish skins and using it to make fish leather wallets.

Travel – I’ve been really lucky to have been travelling round some places. My favourite was New Zealand where I got a waitressing job and then bought a car and tent and drove around. The next place I’d like to go is Argentina

Craft – When I lived and worked in Africa I sewed all my own clothes. I like designing and making things such as my fish leather wallets!

Business – I am setting up my own business from scratch, I’ve learnt to build a website, do branding and accounting. I won a 2022 Young Innovator Award and grant to work on my idea.

Music – I enjoy listening to music and dancing (I’ve been learning farro which is kind of like salsa). I also play the flute, accordion and have been teaching myself to play guitar.

Past work/projects;
Individual and group mentoring work with young people in alternative provision schooling.

Led an employability and enterprise course for small groups. Supporting mentees with planning next steps, CV writing, job applications and interviews alongside more general employability skills.

Voluntary business mentor for the school for social entrepreneurs supporting mentees to develop their business ideas.

Volunteered for the Equine Therapy Centre supporting young people work through trauma using groundwork with horses.

Previously project managed the DigiBus project which involved converting a double decker bus into a digital lab and setting up the service to offer free digital skills sessions in rural communities across Gloucestershire.

Training & Safeguarding checks:
DBS Screening (Bespoke Mentoring Ltd & CiC))
Mentoring Diploma level 3
Child Protection Training level 2
Paediatric First Aid level 3
Certified Performance and leadership Coach and member of the Association for Coaching.

Lisa Spink

Hi i’m Lisa Spink.

I am both a part-time freelance hair stylist and Open University student studying for a BSc Honours in psychology with counselling.

I enjoy helping with my partners music business that covers PA Hire, sound engineering and teaching. I have been lucky to have always lived in the quaint and beautiful Forest of Dean. I live with my partner, my daughter and my adorable cockapoo dog.

I have a lot of compassion, patience and time when being confided in by those who need me to listen, this is the part I love the most about hairdressing, working one to one with people for over 20 years has helped me with the skill of being able to allow people to relax in my company and to trust what they choose to share remains confidential with no judgment.

I have a personal understanding of mental health problems, having suffered, as well as, continuing to manage Complex PTSD and Narcissistic victim syndrome. I have experienced knowledge in victims and survivors of both sexual and domestic abuse, psychological violence, gaslighting, NPD, etc.

I have a growing understanding and a want to learn more of Autism, with both my brother and daughter being on the spectrum. I have helped with care for my grandad who suffered multiple strokes as well as having dementia. My aspiration is to become a CBT Therapist as I am a true believer of a positive mindset being helpful with physical and mental health.

Training & Safeguarding checks:
DBS Screening (Bespoke Mentoring Ltd & CiC)
Mentoring Diploma level 3
Child Protection Training level 2
Paediatric First Aid level 3

Jo Ablett

Hi i’m Jo.

I live at the foot of the Malvern Hills with my family and my 2 dogs, Lola and Speck.

I’ve worked as a small animal (pet) vet all my working life until the summer of 2021 when I finally laid down my stethoscope ready for something different. I absolutely love animals and miss the cats and dogs but now I want to change my direction towards helping people who are facing challenges.

I’ve always been driven to support others. The experiences I gained bringing up 3 daughters (now young adults), supporting clients and colleagues, and recently completing a coaching certification, all help me to relate to others. I’m a good listener. And a good problem solver. From my personal experience of depression and anxiety I also know what it feels like when life gets tough, and I like to be able to help others get through these times.

In my spare time I like running and walking on the hills with my dogs, gardening, catching up with friends and family and going to the cinema. I like travelling when I can, listening to podcasts and reading novels.
Alongside mentoring I am a women’s leadership and empowerment coach, I am really enjoying growing my business which I do from home and nicely complements being out and about mentoring with Bespoke Mentoring.

Training & Safeguarding checks:
DBS Screening (Bespoke Mentoring Ltd & CiC)
Mentoring Diploma level 3
Child Protection Training level 2
Paediatric First Aid level 3

Dale Critchley

Hi, i’m Dale.

Born in the fabulous year of 1981, I was raised in the Forest of Dean. After school I went straight into studying hospitality and catering, learning all departments of the hotel industry.

After a while, and needing a change, I tried my hand in the construction industry. With my chef skills I soon became known for my excellent mixing of concrete. Saving hard and raising enough cash, I spent 6 months travelling Indonesia and the southern hemisphere.

On my return and a little wiser in my direction for employment and in 2003 I applied for the London Fire Brigade. Married, we have a boy and a girl together who teach us that every day is a school day.

I am currently serving within the London Fire Brigade I have never looked back. With flexible shifts I had the opportunity to play contracted rugby and fulfil hobbies a little easier without taking up family time. Putting years of sport and nutrition into good use, I decided to become a part-time personal trainer, to coincide with my full time job.



  • GNVQ’S AND NVQ’S Hospitality and catering
  • Various Fire Brigade Qualifications
  • Paediatric First Aid Level 3
  • Mentoring and Coaching Diploma Level 3
  • Safeguarding Children Level 3
  • Level 3 Personal training and nutrition advisor
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor


Previous Experience:


A big part of my full time job is to do home, industry and school visits to try and educate people of all backgrounds and diversity on how to stay safe. We meet many barriers along the way like language, religion and people with different needs.

With my rugby boots hung up I put my time into coaching an under 14s local team. The boys are growing fast and the teenage ways are in full flow. It‘s a fantastic reward to see the progress they are making from when they started as under 9s.


Personal Interests:

I enjoy falling off my mountain bike and staying more upright on my mid-life crisis Harley Davidson.

I love keeping active and socialising with family and freinds. It‘s a big world out there and I want to see as much of it in my lifetime as possible.

I love trying out different cultures too!

Nick Blackburne

Hi, i’m Nick.


My personal interests include;

  • Playing with my twin boys
  • Going to the gym
  • Playing and watching football – I am a huge Newcastle United fan!!!
  • Watching podcasts
  • Other sports that interest me include Boxing, American Football and Formula One
  • I also enjoy watching Sports documentaries and Peaky Blinders
  • I am also a fan of history including World War 1 and 2 and that period of time
  • And finally, I love going on holiday.


Past work/projects.

Football coach                      Postman               Child support worker

Sports coach                         SEN teaching assistant


Training & Safeguarding checks:

DBS Screening (Bespoke Mentoring Ltd & CiC))

Counselling Skills level 2

Mentoring Diploma level 3

Attachment Training

Paediatric First Aid level 3

Team Teach Training

Safeguarding Training level 3

David Asquith

Hi i’m David.

I am a father of two, both now fully grown and making their own way in life. I also have the pleasure and privilege to be the grandfather of two fine young people.

I am in my sixties but still think I’m thirty!

In my working life I met a very wide range of people with different skills and abilities, but I would like to think that any I came into contact with were helped to develop and better themselves – and not just in their careers but in life as well.

I worked in business for much of my career and can safely say that the most important part of any successfully business are happy and motivated people.

I have had my own challenges with both physical and mental health over the years, experiences which are somewhat of a bed rock when it comes to understanding and helping others.

Another thing that I believe is true is that we all learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes. In six decades of life I have made my fair share of mistakes and like to think that those experiences are in part what make a good mentor.

Personal interests;
• I was a keen player of sport over many years. My first love was football and latterly cricket. I now watch a lot of live sport and have recently completed visiting all 92 League Clubs. This is a recent picture of me at Forest Green Rovers who play in League One. This was my ninety second and last ground.
• I love reading and always have a book on the go.
• I am also very interested in history, which some people say can be plain boring. I
always say in response they should spend a little time on the War of the Roses in the fifteenth century. Over 20 major battles were fought to decide who will be King of England.

Past work/projects;
• Since stepping down from full time employment I have worked with a number of small businesses to improve performance, a process that invariably involves supporting and developing their people. People are always at the centre of everything in a successful business.

Training & Safeguarding checks:
DBS Screening (Bespoke Mentoring Ltd & CiC)
Mentoring Diploma level 3
Child Protection Training level 2
Paediatric First Aid level 3

Gary Mairs – Virtual only

Hi i’m Gary.

I’m originally from Scotland, but I grew up near Manchester.

After 8 wonderful years teaching English all over Spain for a private university, I decided to move
back to the UK in 2020 and have since become a father to my tiny, gorgeous daughter.

At the age of 33 I rebuilt my life after a 15-year battle with alcohol and learned a lot about myself in
the process. Now, at 41, I want to dedicate my time to mentoring and supporting those who need it

I’m also about to launch my podcast which focuses on gaining wisdom, finding meaning and seeking

Personal interests;
Backpacking without a plan is my ultimate hobby, but fatherhood has put the brakes on that a little!
I love to meditate and do yoga, and as I get older, I read more philosophy and practice stoicism to
keep me grounded. I also commentate on Premier League and Champions League football matches as
a secondary job.

Past work/projects;
● My own social media project with short videos encouraging young people to be
brave, take on more personal responsibility, find meaning, and to acquire the
mental fortitude needed for life.
● ‘Street Slang English’ – A Facebook group teaching high-level English learners
British colloquial language.

Training & Safeguarding checks:
DBS Screening (Bespoke Mentoring Ltd & CiC))
Mentoring Diploma level 3
Child Protection Training level 2
Paediatric First Aid level 3

Berlitz – Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Eliza Ryan – Care Leaver Peer Mentor Lead

Hi, i’m Eliza

I am 21 years old. As well as being Gloucestershire’s peer mentor coordinator I am an ambassador (which I’ve been doing for 5 years now!) I am also a part time youth worker. I’m very passionate and enthusiastic about this peer mentoring project because I don’t think there is enough help or support for young people on their journey from being in care to becoming a care leaver. I have experienced the ‘transition period’ myself and feel like there is so many things that could be done to improve this time and to make young people feel more prepared and relaxed. That’s why we came up with the idea of having peer mentors so you can talk to people who have been in a similar if not the same situation as you.


What I’m currently up to:

Being the peer mentor coordinator is my main job and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to be able to help shape this new service and to support the mentees and mentors, its something that I have dreamed about for a long time! I am the person you can come to/contact if you have any questions, worries or any help with anything. You can contact me by email, phone or text and I will do what ever I can to help my ears are always open. My role as an ambassador is my second job, I spend a lot of time doing this alongside being the peer mentor coordinator. We do lots of things including interviewing, training & mentoring social workers, foster carers, senior managers and directors. Our main aim is to give the young people of Gloucestershire a voice by gaining feedback about the services Gloucestershire county council provide and put your messages across to all of the corporate parents (the people who have a big part in making the decisions for children in care) if this is something that you think you may be interested in then let me know and we can talk in more detail about the projects we do and you may be able to help us with some or apply to be an ambassador when we are recruiting.


 What makes me a good mentor?

  • I have a lot of lived experience so the chances are whatever you talk to me about I have either been their and done it myself or know/supported someone who has so trust me when I say nothing you could ever say to me will shock or surprise me. I am a non judgemental person I would never think different of you for anything that you have ever been through, experienced or something that your friends or family has done or anything you have done in the past as I know from personal experinces it easy to get tarred with the same brush as other people or be constantly be judged on mistakes that you have moved on from or labels that have been given to you and written in your files by social workers or other professionals.
  • I like to get to know anyone I work with on the level they would like me to know them, I would never ask other professionals about you or your life. I feel very strongly that when working with someone they should have the freedom and choice to be able to share or not share what they like with me. There will probably be some things you want me to know and others you wont want me to know and that’s fine as I’m such there may be things you will tell me that you maybe wouldn’t tell another worker which Is also fine. Anything we talk about will be kept confidential between us unless something you tell me is something that puts you or someone else in immediate danger for example that you/someone else is going to hurt themselves or someone else. In this case I would have to pass the information on but I would let you know I was going to do this before I did. As long as no one is in danger everything else will always be kept between us unless I have your permission to write notes about things such as progress we have made in our sessions like looking at the best company to get flooring for your flat from etc. But of course this is optional i don’t have to but would be good for you to be able to look back and see your own progress in the time we have been working together.
  • I am an open, honest, upfront and easy to talk to person. i will always do my best to help and support you whilst being your mentor. I am always open for you to ask me about my own personal experiences if you have a question you would like to ask me and you feel my experience would help you. So never be afraid to ask me anything, we always say at work that we have the right not to answer anything we don’t feel comfortable with (not that this has happened yet though).


  • I love my dogs! I have 2 french bulldogs. Bella is 9 weeks old and ronnie is 1.
  • I love food, going out for dinner, take aways, home cooked food literally anything but roast dinners and italian are my absolute favourites!
  • I always have to have my eyelashes, nails & a tan. Those are essential in my life withough these I look like a potatoe haha.

I love listening to all sorts of music including, drum&bass, chart music, reggea, hiphop/drill ect basically a bit of everything so please do show me you favourite songs.

Blaine Smith

Hi, i’m Blaine.

Born too late in the year 1990, I was born in Gloucester and raised in The FOD (Forest of Dean).

I Have always been surrounded by sport and being physically active, I didn’t have much choice with a dad who lived and breathed local football. All through my education and working life I have coached and competed in sports ranging from soccer to American Football (which I still play regularly), also having a degree in Sports Development.

I always thought The FOD was enough for me, but I have since come to realise that I may (secretly) be a lover of Australia – I spent 9 months there in 2019, working up and down the west coast. This allowed me to pursuit other hobbies that include Snowboarding and Surfing.

Right now, I am a small business owner – I operate a fitness studio in Huntley (just outside Gloucester) where I deliver 1:1 personal training sessions. This allows me to be flexible with who I see on a regular basis. It also means I have a base of operations for anyone looking for a place to train securely, with all the kit they would need.



BSc Sports Development

Personal Trainer level 3

Nutritional Advisor Level 2

Paediatric First Aid

Safeguarding Children

Mentoring & Coaching



A lot of what I do now is educate individuals and small groups on health and well-being. That is with the generic things like sports and physical activity, but also the importance of habits, nutrition, motivation, mental health, values, and goals.

My background also involves coaching within a gym environment, personal training 1:1 and large groups. Coaching and delivering outdoor activities to large school groups on educational residentials e.g., Abseiling and Kayaking.


Personal Interests

Sport and physical activity take up a good portion of my free time, but away from that I love the cinema, eating Pick & Mix, spending time with friends and going to watch England Football team play.

Andy Yapp

Hi, i’m Andy.

I’m 60 years old and I live in Cheltenham having moved here in 1999.

I have two sons who are now young men and finding their own way in life.

I don’t have any pets although I love animals and anything creative will attract my attention.

I have travelled around the world twice with the Merchant  Navy. I’ve had a variety of work experiences including Police, Broadcasting and for the past 15 years I have worked as a Therapist predominantly helping those struggling with issues around addiction.

Alongside my work as a Therapist I have been able to learn to play the guitar and sing. I have done a lot of work in Care Homes entertaining the residents which have resulted in some of the most profound experiences of humanity.

I try to live my life in the principle that ‘Home is where the heart doesn’t have to hide’

Personal interests;

  • Golf,  walking, cooking and spirituality

Past work/projects;

  • Merchant navy
  • Police
  • Sales
  • Broadcasting
  • Counsellor/Psychotherapist
  • Self Employed


 Training & Safeguarding checks:

Levels 2,3 and 4 Therapeutic Counselling (CPCAB)

Diversity and equality

The Essentials of Psychosynthesis

DBS Screening (Bespoke Mentoring Ltd & CiC))

Mentoring Diploma level 3

Child Protection Training level 2

Paediatric First Aid level 3

Holly Smith

Hi, my name is Holly.

I have been working with children, teenagers, and young adults since I left university in 2009. I have always been passionate about helping others and sharing kindness and support where I can. This has led me to work with a diverse group of clients with individual needs related to their Autism, ADHD, PDA and other. During lockdown several of my clients struggled which prompted my transition to becoming and mentor and gaining the education to meet their needs in such a difficult time.

I have a background in behaviour analysis providing me with the knowledge and understanding of why behaviour occurs which informs my interactions to best support my mentees. I studied Acceptance Commitment Therapy to add to my knowledge and help with identifying who my clients want to be, what their goals are and overcoming the barriers they may have to reach these goals. Being a part of this journey is incredibly rewarded and exactly why I love my job.

Personally, I have many interests and hobbies. All of which I’m terrible at but love, nonetheless. These include tennis (awful at, not even sure on the rules), kayaking (petrified to fall in but love), DIY (not bad at this), rock climbing (fear of heights so might need levering back down), gaming (but you will definitely win) and beauty/fashion (at least I’m safe getting my nails or eyebrows done).


Training & Safeguarding checks:

  • DBS Screening
  • Coaching and Mentoring Diploma level 3
  • Safeguarding children level 2
  • Workplace First Aid training level 3
  • Masters in Behaviour Analysis
  • Degree in Psychology
  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy level 2
  • PDA
  • 5 x National Autistic Society courses

Meg Walkerdine

Hi, i’m Meg.

I am 26, mother to my little boy and I was previously a self employed cleaner.

After years of being in and out of various jobs including being self employed, I realised this wasn’t my dream job and started studying a BSc Honours degree in Forensic Psychology through the Open University along side my job. It was when I started my current studies with the aspiration to become a child psychologist that I knew I needed to start doing what I love doing the most, helping people through this crazy life journey and to help them realise their potential and reach their chosen goals.

Although I’m only 26, I would say that I’ve experienced many life events including the loss of my mother and sister at a young age, a loss of a friend through suicide and I’ve watched friends battle with addiction due to mental health issues. After experiencing first hand the effects of these life events, I knew that I needed to help people who might be facing similar difficulties in their life without any judgment.

I strongly believe that helping one person might not change the world but it could change the world for that one person and their growth and journey is something that I want to help nourish and positively guide.

In my spare time I enjoy listening to podcasts, studying, listening to music and swimming.


 Training & Safeguarding checks:

DBS Screening (Bespoke Mentoring Ltd & CiC)
Mentoring Diploma level 3
Child Protection Training level 2
Paediatric First Aid level 3
Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 3

Drew Drake

Hi, i’m Drew.

It’s no surprise that young people are “checking out”, turning to self-harm/sabotage and distancing themselves from adults.

They don’t trust us and I don’t blame them. Many adults show up stressed, angry or unwell. No one is to blame, the issue lies with the many systems adults and young people are forced to operate within. It’s highly stressful and young people are intelligent and empathic enough to catch on. The result is that they either submit, reject, or rebel. This sense of disconnection often causes them to shrink and go inward whilst developing a protective barrier shutting them off from their family, friends, educational institutions and the world at large. They are screaming out for support and when it doesn’t come, because there is a lack of mentors who appear to be truly successful and happy, they feel left out in the dark. 

It’s clear to me that a young person, more than anything, requires adult role models who walk their talk with a deep sense of respect, balance and connection. By first cultivating a deep sense of acknowledgement I am able to successfully engage young people through positive affirmation, instilling in them a sense of responsibility (response-ability) so that they achieve a greater level of self-respect and a desire to contribute effectively to their life and the lives of others, whether that be in education, at home, or a working environment.

By acknowledging a young person’s creativity and emotional intelligence, a sense of trust and rapport is established. This allows me to get on their level and guide them toward creating an identity and set of values to serve as a compass that helps direct them through challenging situations while learning to navigate problems by focusing on solutions. 

Working with young people on both the conscious and subconscious levels while applying psychological technologies such as anchoring, visioning and frequency resonance opens the door to the creation of a new paradigm (way of seeing/experiencing the world) in which they can discover what it is they passionately care about and work toward a more fulfilling life.

The first step is and always will be…connection.

Personal interests; 

  • Psychology
  • Sub Conscious & Conscious Mind
  • Energy, Vibration & Frequency
  • Nature
  • Living Foods
  • Theatrics
  • Exercise & Movement
  • Play & Improvisation
  • Music (particularly progressive rock, cinematic classical, dubstep & mid dark tempo. My favourite band is Muse)


Past work/projects;

  • Rehabilitation Project with a severely brain injured man: Managed his recovery and actively repaired his relationship with his young children.


 Training & Safeguarding checks:

DBS Screening (Bespoke Mentoring Ltd & CiC)

Mentoring Diploma level 3 

Child Protection Training level 2

Paediatric First Aid level 3

Tom Wilson

Hi,  i’m Tom.

I live in the Forest of Dean and I spent my childhood growing up here and have built a good group of friends. I haven’t alway lived here but have always seemed to find my way back. 

Personal interests; 

I have lot of different interests my favourite is motorsport particularly the formula 1. However, I like all types of motorsport that involve cars and bikes. I also love to travel and have been lucky enough to have visited lots of interesting counties. My favourite place so far is Thailand. I also am a massive animal lover and have lots of animals at home. 

Past work/projects;

I have been lucky enough to have had lots of different types of jobs.

When I left school I worked in a factory. I then moved onto an electrical apprenticeship, however this didn’t work out for me and l left to join the Royal air force. I trained to become a weapons technician and was very lucky to join the famous 617 Damn busters squadron based in Lossiemouth Scotland.

Due to a change in my health, I had to leave the RAF and I returned back home to the Forest of Dean. I returned to the electrical industry for a period whilst I made plans to go back to college to try and get a degree. I completed my humanities access course at college and gained the qualifications I needed to go to university to complete my degree to become a social worker.

I have worked as a children’s social worker in different capacities most recently as a supervising social worker for an independent foster agency. 

I moved away from social work for a short period whilst starting my family. Together, we now run a small business in Gloucester town centre, a coffeeshop and eatery called Hubble Bubble.

I now find myself working with Bespoke Mentoring after deciding to move back to a job i’m passionate about which allows me to work with people directly. 

 Training & Safeguarding checks:

DBS Screening (Bespoke Mentoring Ltd & CiC)

Mentoring Diploma level 3 

Child Protection Training level 2

Paediatric First Aid level 3

Social work degree – lots of varied training throughout for my continued professional development

Aeronautical engineering NVQ2