It's Fun 2 TRI
These events will be a chance for children aged 7 – 14 years to get involved with and learn more about triathlon, while having lots of fun at the same time and most importantly getting active.

The 2018 events are to be held on:
Sat 10th Feb
Sat 17th March
Sat 21st April
Sat 2nd June
Sun 8th July - Date Changed from Sat 7th July due to World Cup clash

Each event will host maximum of 50 children.

The sessions will follow the basic triathlon structure of swim, bike and run. Some games and skills will be taught in the pool. We will also be teaching bike handling skills and how to quickly get on and off the bike. During the run session, we will be doing running drills and how to transition from bike to run.

During the sessions there will also be opportunities to ask questions of the coaches and for the parents to be able to speak to Andy to discuss how they can continue to support their children being active.

Andy will have his medals at each event to hopefully inspire the children, however Andy understands that not everyone can win golds medals but hoping that by putting on these days he will encourage the local children to lead a happy, healthy more active lifestyle.