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Let's challenge the system.
Help create new identities.
Be part of the Bespoke family.


We are looking for someone with a passion for helping people. All we are looking for are individuals who fit our values Love, Support and Guidance, we can teach you what you need to succeed within our business.


However something we cannot teach is people management or a desire to help people and providing a quality service. It’s very likely that you’ll lots of transferable skill from your previous roles that will make you a hit as a Bespoke Mentoring Franchisee.


You might be a seasoned manager within education or the public sector, who is looking for to make that step in becoming your own boss or a seasoned entrepreneur who would like to add a unique concept to your portfolio. You must be a people person who wants to support individuals to develop at their own speed.


You might be a career professional who feels like they are in a stuck dead end job or an individual who wants the freedom of working for yourself but having the comfort of a supportive team around you.


Regardless of your circumstance we would be interested in talking to you.


Our success is based on your success. We want to be transparent from the get go with the financial commitments required to open and run your branch of Bespoke Mentoring. This will allow us to enjoy and mutually beneficial relationship.


Once you have met with us and together we decide that the franchise opportunity would be the best way forward, you will need to sign our Non Disclosure Agreement and we will send you the tools to create a Business Plan. This comprehensive check list will help you work out the financial commitments involved in opening and running a franchise, including your financial projection, the working capital required and the on-going costs and expenses you’re likely to incur.

Total Investment £30,000 + VAT

Equipment/ Marketing £5,000 + VAT

Franchise Fee
£25,000 + VAT


We’re going to give you as much help and support you need to grow your Bespoke Mentoring Franchise. When you first join the Bespoke Mentoring family, we want to see you do amazingly and we will do our up-most to make that happen. You will receive some of our immersive training before you start trading and ongoing support when you’re up and running, we provide both within our franchise offering. In the package we include several exceptional features:


  • Welcome and Starter Pack

  • Initial Training

  • Courses & Relationship Training

  • Setting up Contacts

  • Partner introductions


Please follow the link below to enquire.

For an informal discussion please contact:
Matt Timlin, Franchise Consultant

M: 07528 472607

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